About us

We at TOAI aim to infuse tradition with creativity and develop inspirational art and handicraft products. Whether it be a bedsheet or a piece of sculpture , they should all represent fine craftmanship, innovation and excellent quality. 

TOAI is committed towards working directly with local artisans from across India thereby helping create self- sustainable and empowered villages.  Our effort enables artisans earn their livelihood right from the comfort of their homes. 

We surely hope that you will love our products and recommend them to your near and dear ones. Do send us you honest feedback by becoming our member and logging into our website. 

Wish you a happy shopping!!

How do we help our artisans?

  •  We engage directly with rural artisans without any interference by middle men . This helps us share benefits with people who actually work on our projects. 
  • Artisans do not have to wait for completion of sales for complete payment. We complete all their payments as soon as production gets completed. 
  • We help artisans with designs as per Market trends. 
  • We also make investments for procurement of necessary tools to help artisans create requested products. 
  • TOAI also invites small scale artisans, who do not have the bandwidth to advertise their products online or set-up brick and mortar shops, to show case and sell their products via our online platform.  

 How do we help our clients?

  • Our clients receive premium quality products as mentioned on our website.
  • We are committed to improvising designs and  quality of our products hence clients always get the best products.