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Top 5 reasons why hand-block printed bedsheets stand-out from others?

by Surabhi Tripathi 14 Aug 2022

Bedsheets are an essential part of your home décor; they represent your style and provide you with relaxing sleep. This blog highlights specific reasons that make hand-block printed bedsheets stand out from the usual machine printed ones.

We will touch upon the fabric material, quality, durability and printing colors traditionally used in making block printed bedsheets, also referred to as  Jaipuri bedsheets , Sanganeri bedsheets or Rajasthani bedsheets. 

Color and Style to suite your taste:

The first advantage is the wide range of patterns and styles available in block printing. Block printed bedsheet designs can be divided into two categories, traditional or classical patterns, and new creative types. Once, block prints were created only in conventional styles. Still, with the internet's coming and ever-increasing demand for new patterns, many artisans are trying out new innovative designs. At TOAI, you can find traditional ways in the 'Classic Cottage Collection' whereas innovative styles in the 'Creative Bageecha' collection.

Before creating any new block print pattern, we extensively research color palettes, primary patterns, bedsheet borders, and pillow designs. After the way is decided, wooden blocks are created by hand, and then bedsheet printing takes place.

Contrary to this, machine-printed bedsheets are primarily created for the mass market; they usually use bold prints and contrasting colors and often lack the creativity and finesse of handcrafted bedlinens.

Handcrafted and Unique:

Second is the 'unique' advantage of a handcrafted bedsheet. Handcrafted bed linens are always created in limited quantities; even a simple design might take upto 5 hours to be printed by a single person; hence they can never be produced in bulk, and your home will always get a unique look. Another factor that distinguishes handcrafted linens is minor color and design irregularities while printing. These differences in color and pattern often add to the fabric's charm and make it one of a kind.

Health benefits of Pure Cotton:

The third significant advantage is 'cotton' because block prints are traditionally only implemented on cotton. In order to understand the reason for this, you will first have to understand machine versus hand printing techniques. When printing by machine, a layer or coating of paint is spread on the fabric. Hence the material can be of any type, cotton-poly mixed or even completely polyester fabric. Polyester fabric often gives a glossy look; therefore, machine printers usually prefer it. Contrary to this, in hand block printing, delicate designs are only possible when the fiber is pure cotton and can absorb the pigments. Soon as printing takes place, the paint spreads, giving the design a botched look.

Now cotton, as you might know, has several benefits, it keeps you cool and comfortable during summers by absorbing sweat, gives a crisp and dry feel during rainy reasons, and is a natural fiber hence hypoallergic (prevents rashes or redness of the skin), it does not have any order, is durable and does not cling. In addition, Premium quality cotton is easy to maintain, can be folded into a small box, and causes no pilling. To learn more about the advantages of cotton, please visit this link.

Easy to maintain and long-lasting:

The fourth reason is durability and easy management of block printed bedsheets. Yes, you heard that right; contrary to popular belief, it is far easier to maintain than you ever thought. Premium cotton above 200TC can be easily washed in washing machines for years, and it will always look new without pilling or wear-tear. Unlike cotton apparels, you need not starch or iron cotton bedsheets. After first wash, bedsheets lose their excess starch and become softer but they still provide a crisp feeling.   

Bed linens such as bedcovers, and quilts, which have a cotton filling, should be dry-cleaned for durability and better management. When buying bed linens, ensure that the color pigments are robust and don't leech or fade. Read 'care instructions' properly and ensure all your queries are resolved.

Participate actively in creating sustainable livelihood:

The fifth reason you prefer hand-block printed bedsheets is to improve lives of Indian rural artisans. As you would know, printed bedsheets, although low cost, are imported from cheaper foreign locations in bulk; thus, they don't create employment for rural artisans. Contradictory to this, hand-block printed linens provide sustainable livelihood to hundreds of poor workers in villages. Thereby taking employment opportunities right to the artisans rather than forcing them to come to cities. By being one of our patrons, you become an active supporter of initiatives such as 'Vocal for Local and 'Make in India.'

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