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Top 5 ways to buy the best online bedsheets

by Surabhi Tripathi 03 Aug 2022

Let’s accept that we all love shopping online; it gives us the flexibility to shop anywhere, anytime, even when we are stuck in traffic; it shows us a wider range of products and saves us enormous time. This is the same when we want to select the best home linens, such as bedsheets, bedcovers, quilts, throws and warmers, available online.

Bedlinens form an essential part of our lives; if selected wisely, they add style and beauty to our homes and help us live healthier lives. Below are the top 5 most effective ways to help you select the best online bedlinens.

Bedsheet Fabric Material:

First is the fabric material; do not hesitate to select pure cotton bedsheets. It is always wise to buy pure cotton bedlinens as they have essential health benefits. For example, cotton absorbs perspiration during summer, keeps your body cool and dry, and prevents skin allergies. Cotton fabric is breathable and provides complete comfort during long hours of sleep.

Make sure that the online website from where you purchase mentions '100% cotton' or 'pure cotton' rather than just writing 'cotton' or 'premium cotton' because just 'cotton' might mean 'cotton polyester mixed' fabric. Several low-cost cotton fabrics available have a significant ratio of polyester mix and are widely used in the bed linen industry. TOAI products are in pure cotton, and a large section of our bed linens are in premium cotton with a high thread count (TC).

Bedsheet Fabric Quality:

The second is the quality of the fabric. Once you have selected cotton, pay attention to the quality of cotton. Two parameters are important here, the first TC and the second is the type of weave. A bedsheet with high TC will be much smoother, softer and more durable. To know more about thread count, please visit this link.

High TC bedsheets are slightly more expensive, but they are worth every penny you pay. Good quality cotton is above 200TC, and great quality cotton is 300 TC or above. TOAI has pure cotton fabric of different TCs; feel free to sample one of our 300 TC bedsheets and understand the difference.

Cotton is woven in different ways, such as Percale and Satin weave. Percale weave makes bedsheets durable, firm, and matte finish and is most commonly used in cotton bed linens. A high-end Percale woven bed linen is between 200 to 400 TC. To know more about different types of weaves, please visit this link.

We are happy to mention that TOAI bed linens are percale woven until mentioned otherwise. Make sure that your online website mentions these features.

Bedsheet maintenance requirements and durability:

A third important factor to consider is bedsheet maintenance requirement and durability. Nowadays, most families do not have time to handwash bedlinens; hence, ensure that your linen can be machine washed and dry-washed. Machine washable linens are generally of good quality in color and fabric; hence please read 'Product care instructions carefully.

You will be surprised to know that cotton bed linens are easy to maintain as they do not require starching or ironing, unlike other cotton apparels. Once washed, they look bright as new, and after a few days of usage, all creases and wrinkles disappear from the fabric. High TC, premium bed linens or Mulmul cotton linens should be given for dry-wash once in a while to preserve their softness and longevity.

Finally, ensure fabric colors are durable and do not leech. It is important that your eCommerce website mentions these 'care instructions' explicitly and that you read them carefully before making your online purchase.

Check online bedsheet information:

Forth important pointer is detailed product information and images provided online. Whenever buying online, ensure detailed product information about the fabric, dimension and features are provided so that all your questions get answered. Also, ensure sufficient images are provided showcasing the product from different angles. It is also important to note that actual product images are provided rather than computerized images. Computerized images usually do not represent the correct colors or the texture of the bed linen. They are attractive photographs created to lure clients.

Pure cotton bedsheets usually have a matte finish; hence if you notice the bedlinen images to be too bright and glossy, you are either looking at a 3D computer image or true product images have not been provided. This is a red flag, and you should step-away from buying such products.

We at TOAI provide you with at least 4 to 5 accurate images taken from different angles giving you a complete and accurate product description.

Bedsheet Cost Estimate:

One of the most important and final factors in online bedsheet selection process, is the cost of the product. Check the product description and images and estimate the product cost yourself. For example, in the case of a bedlinen, the most important factors contributing to its cost are raw material, manual printing, logistics, Taxes, packaging, shipping and warehousing.

If you see a cost-effective bedsheet in a few hundred rupees, then be aware and step back. It is possible that the manufacturers may not be selling the fabric that they are promising, or it is just not a handmade product. To be specific, to create a basic block printed bedsheet, one artisan takes a minimum of 5 to 6 hours in addition to the time taken to prepare color pigment, stretch the bedsheet on the printing table etc. In such a situation, the minimum cost of a handmade bedsheet on pure cotton will be a few thousand Indian rupees.

In comparison, machine-printed bedsheets on mixed cotton fabric can be available for a few hundred Indian rupees. Hence, know your product before you buy it.

Before we end, one last word of advice. If you are buying something from a new brand or a new product range, check for product return policies. If the return policies are easy, then feel free to order the product and have closer look before deciding to purchase it.

This brings us to the end of our blog. Enjoy shopping online as it allows you to select from a much wider range of designs, patterns and colors, all from the comfort of your home.


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